To business owners with staff members who add your content on social media sites:

Do you have a ton of content on your website that’s being ignored?

What about your recorded podcasts, videos or even your conference presentations?

Is it all just sitting there – wasting away – not doing its job for you?

You have all this great stuff you’ve already created.

Is it serving you now? No?

Did you know there is an easy and simple way to increase your business and build your online presence using just your content?


If your staff has an extra 5 minutes when they post content on your blog and social media sites, there’s a pretty good chance if they follow the guidelines we’ve put together you will grow your business, increase your online presence and get a return on the investment you make in your meaningful content.

It began simply enough.

A client wanted to use social media. He said, “I know I should be out there. So, how do we do this?”

Coming out of the gate it looked like it’d be a breeze.

He had all the right stuff.

Two websites loaded with timeless content and established audiences on three major social media sites – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We looked for a solution to organize, amplify, distribute and promote his meaningful content on a staggered schedule.

Our goals were pretty basic.

We wanted more traffic to his websites to increase sales.

And we wanted to use social media sites to generate these sales, increase and strengthen his online presence and get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time on a timed and staggered schedule.

Services exist that do automatic postings to social sites. But they couldn’t do what we needed…

The   Do   Today   software   was   created   to   do   this   for   you

What follows are a few reasons why the Do Today software was created and why the built-in features make it an important tool for you.

To get the highest return possible with your meaningful content means you need to get organic and paid traffic to specific pieces of content within your website.

It used to be ok to focus all efforts to get visitors to your website. Well, those days are long gone and over. Now you need to get visitors to specific pieces of content within your website.

Known Do Today Logo

Some   things   for   you   to   think   about

You’re a business owner and you have staff members who do this work for you.

What if this person quits, or leaves suddenly?

Will the new person know where everything is?

And will this new person know what to do and when to do it, and where?

Will they know what type of messages were created and when and where they were posted on social media?

And what about you?

What if you want to take some time off from creating new content but want your content to continue to be seen on social media sites to stay in front of your audience?

The Do Today software keeps you in control of your content and creates a permanent archive of everything so you, and your staff member, will always know where your content is.

Simple.   Easy.   Organized.   All in one spot.   Efficient

We modeled Socially Grown’s content posting schedule using this illustration. This proven strategy is at the core of the Do Today software.

The software is perfect if you have a ton of content, and have a strong Twitter audience. It’s perfect if you’re beginning your content creation and distribution process too.

Who is the Do Today software for?
• Business owners who have staff doing social media updates
• Business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who do it all themselves
• Social Media professionals who do this work for clients

Your goal is to stagger your posts and how you amplify them to reach people at different times of the day on different networks, and of course, on different platforms.

The Do Today software automates when to do this.

Your staff can do this manually like we tried at first. It seemed simple enough. Day one was a breeze, by day two we knew we’d go nuts because we couldn’t remember what we’d done the day before. By day three we began developing the Do Today software.

It will save your staff hours and hours every day freeing them up to do other important work for you.

The software creates a permanent archive of every piece of content you’ve published online so it will be easy for your staff to repurpose and republish your content – at will – based on your own goals, strategy and promotional needs.

Your staff will always have timely, topical and relevant content – your meaningful content – available to share and promote online. And you will always know where you published it. The software organizes this for you.

Socially Grown Social Agency Posting Schedule

Here’s   what   most   of   you   are   doing:


You write something and add it to your blog

Then you post that to your LinkedIn Account

And to your Facebook Page

And to Instagram

And then you pin it to Pinterest

And then you add it to your YouTube channel

And you do all this on the same day and time.

And then you wonder why people don’t show up and read your content and buy your offers.

And you don’t have mechanisms in place to drive visitors back to your content and offers.


Do   this   instead


This is how you send traffic everywhere.

This is when you begin to hear, “I’m seeing you everywhere, what are you doing?”

Everything within the Do Today software is in support of amplifying and driving traffic to one specific piece of your meaningful content.

This may appear complicated, but it’s simple and easy when you organize it right. The Do Today software does this for you.

This is how you get visitors to specific pieces of content within your website.

Use all of these platforms to drive traffic back to your website, to your offers, to your opt-in forms and get people to join your email list. Build your email list with this traffic and be in control of what happens to your business.

This is what frees you from being dependent on a single traffic source for your business. Use them, but use them to your advantage. This keeps you in control of your own platform and in control of your assets – your content.

When you drive traffic back to an internet property you own or control you are able to control the user’s experience.

Use Two Levels of Scheduling

One level is content you add to your blog and the social media sites you use.

Known Level One Schedule


The other level is the schedule created by the Do Today software of when to post tweets you create.

Known Social Media Posting Schedule

3   Simple   Steps





4   Key   Components


This is a sample screenshot of the “Add Content” page. All options are available via this screen. When using the software all you have to do is click on a box and it will expand or collapse.

The easy way to organize, amplify and distribute your meaningful content.

The Do Today software has four key components and is 100% flexible to meet your social media content distribution needs. Everything is user-defined and is fill-in-the-blank simple.

What does this mean for you?

There are no limits. You are in control.

The Do Today software was designed to be used by any size business. It is as perfect for a small business with staff members doing social updates as it is for social media professionals managing hundreds of clients’ social media accounts.

It’s unlimited.

For example, a Social Media professional can create and work with unlimited Clients and Accounts.

There are unlimited ways to define information about your content too.

You can assign each piece of content to products you sell, the type of content (blog post, video, podcast, etc.), that has a specific Message Theme that is targeted to a defined Audience or Market Segment that is in support of any number of Business Units you might have.

The software makes it easy to know if you have content balance.

The true muscle power lies in the three-tiered system that makes it possible for you “send traffic all over the place” and involves only four steps after your initial set up.

Scheduling is easy too. When you want to know what you’re supposed to do with your content on any given day, click on the “Do Today tab” to access a roster of everything that needs to be done “today”.

A   Bridge   Between   Your   Content   And   Social   Media

How Content Distribution Makes the Difference


The Three Tiers

Tier One

Add Your Content Title Here

Do Today Software Tier One


Tier Two

Add Published URLs Here

Do Today Tier Two


Tier Three

Add Unique Tweets Here

Do Today Tier Three

Your content attracts and builds your audience.

• Know what you have

• Know where it lives

• Know where and when you’ve published it online and how you’ve distributed it.

The beauty of having an archive of everything you’ve posted online happens when you begin to see organic traffic results.

Once you achieve organic results it’s easy to step it up a notch and begin driving paid traffic to content that has proven itself organically.

Everything you do needs to be in support of promoting and amplifying one piece of original meaningful content.

When you plan your content you will also need to plan the promotion and distribution of this piece of meaningful content (this also works with evergreen content too!).

It’s also about strategically-placed internal links within the content you place on social media sites that are designed to drive traffic to where you have content online. These should be links that ultimately lead back to your original piece of meaningful content on your own website.

Twitter, and the tweets you will create about this one specific piece of meaning content play a major role in amplifying and promoting your content assets.

Each tweet needs to contain a link to where you have published content online.

The Do Today software combines your unique tweet with the link of the published URL. This is the tweet you add to Twitter directly or via a third-party posting service. Schedule one or many at once.

The software creates an archive of your published URLs. This includes the main piece of content and the URLs of all the social media addresses where you published content that is in support of your original piece of content. (This will save hours of time later – no more scrolling through news feeds looking for something posted months ago!)

You need an archive of the tweets you wrote in support of the main piece of content that also contains a link with the URL of where you posted content on your different social media accounts. This archive should also include the date and time of when you posted the tweet.

The Three-Tier structure of the Do Today software makes it easy to re-tweet and repurpose archived tweets to generate new interest and traffic.

Achieve Content Balance - Plan Your Content with the Do Today Editorial Calendar

Organized Schedules - Always Know What You're Supposed to Do

Results - See accurate totals of everything you've created

Accurate Totals of the 4 Key Components

See accurate totals for everything created within the Do Today software including:

• Content items you added to the system
• Scheduled content items
• Activities ready to “do today”
• Clients you set up
• Accounts set up
• How many pieces of content have been added to each Account
• How many tweets you created and promoted for each URL and Account you set up
• How many tweets you successfully completed in support of each Account and Published URL

Quick Video Tutorials

Quick Video Tutorials Are Always Available

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user Quick Tutorials are always available via the top navigation bar menu. Each tutorial includes an in-depth explanation and strategy suggestions for each area covered. The Quick Tutorials include:

• A Quick Overview
• Account Information
• Content Information
• Adding Content
• Tweets and Amplifying Your Content
• Editing and Deleting (don’t miss this one!)
• Schedules
• Editorial Calendar
• Results

Do Today Software Pricing


Please take advantage of our introductory pricing for the Do Today software.

What does this mean for you? Your rate will never increase. You will be locked in at this low introductory monthly subscription rate for as long as you are a subscriber.

You will also have access to all private trainings and timely tips and updates.

Sign up today!

  • Entrepreneurs
  • $17
  • per month

  • You’re the type of person who “does it all” in your business and on social media… everything is unlimited for you!
  • Work with Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Content Titles
  • Unlimited Published URLs
  • Archive of all tweets and published URLs
  • Unlimited Tweets
  • Unlimited Content Information
  • Unlimited Business Units
  • Unlimited Message Themes
  • Unlimited Audiences and Market Segments
  • Unlimited Content Types
  • Unlimited Products
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Unlimited Schedule Items
  • Unlimited Everything
  • $17
  • per month

  • Social Media Pros
  • $17
  • per month

  • You do social media for others. Work with unlimited clients and accounts… everything is unlimited for you!
  • Work with Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Content Titles
  • Unlimited Published URLs
  • Archive of all tweets and published URLs
  • Unlimited Tweets
  • Unlimited Content Information
  • Unlimited Business Units
  • Unlimited Message Themes
  • Unlimited Audiences and Market Segments
  • Unlimited Content Types
  • Unlimited Products
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Unlimited Schedule Items
  • Unlimited Everything
  • $17
  • per month

Where are your prospects? More importantly though, where is your audience? Thanks to social media your prospects and your audience are everywhere.

The Do Today software is a bridge that connects you with your prospects, where they are and gets your content in front of them to draw them into your business.

Now you can easily promote your content assets and increase your business, build your online presence and reach your audience at the right time with the right message with the Do Today software.

It’s your content, promote it profitably…